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Teachers' Choices — information and links to downloads of the Teachers' Choices booklists


Children's and Young Adult Literature Community — a guide to IRA's resources on literature and using literature in literacy instruction


Assessment Standards — summary of Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing, and links to download full text


Disabled Reader — mission statement, contact, and publication information for the Disabled Reader Special Interest Group


A Response to the Tragedy of Sandy Hook


Volunteer for a Committee — Volunteer for a Committee


Children's Choices — links to information and annual lists of Children's Choices award winners


Young Adults' Choices — information about and links to downloads of Young Adults' Choices booklists


Literacy Development in Young Children — mission statement, contact, and publication information for the Literacy Development in Young Children Special Interest Group


IRA Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Grant — The International Reading Association will honor an outstanding mainstream, elementary classroom teacher dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of reading and writing, across the curriculum in real world contexts in grades K–6 (ages 5–12).


Reading Coach — IRA's position on the role of reading and literacy coaches


IRA Publications: Information for Authors — information about writing for IRA's publishing program, including journals, books, the newspaper, and


Adolescent Literacy Overview — A guide to IRA's resources on literacy among learners aged 11 to 18


Topics and Details: Getting Started With Writing, Lori Jamison Rog, Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Beginning Writing, K–3, 2006


Committees — IRA Committees


Children's Rights — IRA's position on the rights of children to excellent instruction


Choices Reading Lists — information about the annual Choices reading lists of book recommendations from IRA


Balanced Reading Instruction — mission statement, contact, and publication information for the Balanced Reading Instruction Special Interest Group


So Many Books—How Do I Choose?, Colleen P. Gilrane, Children's Literature in the Reading Program: An Invitation to Read, 2009


Preschoolers' Developing Ownership of the Literate Register, Beverly E. Cox, Zhihui Fang, Beverly White Otto, Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, 2004


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